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Buy into the revenue streams of the best brick-and-mortars.

Bonside unlocks access to the most promising and well-run brick-and-mortar businesses

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BONSIDE Payouts — April ‘23$2,675
BONSIDE Payouts — March ‘23$2,197
BONSIDE Payouts — February ‘23$2,097
BONSIDE Payouts — January ‘23$1,834
BONSIDE Payouts — December ‘22$2,102
BONSIDE Payouts — November ‘22$2,102
How it works

We partner with top-tier businesses,you collect monthly payouts.

As Bonside partners with businesses, we offer members the opportunity to buy into their revenue streams. Once bought in, you collect a monthly percentage of the business’ sales until they deliver a fixed return.

The Landscape

Bonside is reinventing passive income.

Compared to traditional passive income, Bonside requires less capital and less active management while delivering monthly payouts — immediately.

Traditional passive income

Significant upfront capital.

Independent risk assessment.

Hands-on management.

$100,000+ MINIMUM

Buy-in opportunities starting at $15,000.

Fully vetted businesses.

No ongoing management.

$15,000 MINIMUM
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Upside Potential

As businesses grow, so do your monthly payouts.

The Repeatable Revenue Agreement unlocks access to businesses at a key inflection point – the opening of new locations. In turn, monthly payouts accelerate and investors realize growth.


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Bonside is an invite-only platform for accredited investors. To determine if you qualify as an accredited investor, navigate to our apply page.

Collect monthly payouts.

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